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LANGUAGE All people in Australia are encouraged to learn English, which is the national language and an important unifying element of Australian society. However, languages other than English are also valued. In fact, more than 15 per cent of Australians speak languages other than English at home. PAGE 3 Population | Time | Visas History The most commonly spoken languages after English are Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese and PAGE 4-5 Mandarin. Australians speak more than 200 History languages, including Indigenous Australian PAGE 6 languages. Language Sanger Sandwich PAGE 7 Everyday Australian Slang Words: Cactus Broken The Land | Climate Kaput Broken G'day Hi Cheezed Off Annoyed PAGE 8 Hoo Roo Bye! People | Health & Vaccinations Far Out Great! or that's bad! Ta Thanks! Fair Dinkum It's true or is it true? PAGE 9 Dunny Toilet. Waffle Talking nonsense Currency | Credit Cards Safety & Crime | Tipping Dunno I don't know... Chockie Chocolate Etiquette Mate - Can be anyone you know Choof Off Leave (instead of using name) Bottle O Alcohol shop PAGE 10 Etiquette | Taxis Sheila Aussie girl Watering Hole Pub Safety & theft Chick/Chickie babe Cute Aussie girl Daks Pants Bloke Aussie male Yobbo Nerds / uncouth person PAGE 11 True Blue Totally Australian Shopping | Customs Daggy Out of fashion Aussie From Australia Durry Cigarette PAGE 12-13 Ocker An Aussie masculine male Hard Yakka Hard work Food & Drinks | Religion drinker/womanizer Earbash Someone has been pestering Insurance Buggalugs / Possum Friendly endearment you PAGE 14 Barbie Barbecue Egg On To encourage someone Culture & The Arts Snags Sausages Cake hole Mouth Abso Bloody Lutely Absolutely Get nicked Go away! Ripper Fantastic! Rack Off Go away! Barney An argument Bugger Off Go away! Agro Angry Bugger Me Shocked Betcha I bet you Dodgy Suspicious Bluger Lazy person Bull Dust A lie Peckish Hungry Rat Bag Untrustworthy person Banana's Going crazy Iffy Suspicious Berko Going crazy Cark It Die Crickey! Surprised at something (good Relax Veg out or bad) Oldies Parents Struth! Shocked! Relies Relatives Thongs Flip-flop shoes Quids Money Undies Underwear Zonked Out Exhausted Togs Swim wear No Worries That's okay
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