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Australia. In 1928 a Queenslander named Bert Hinkler The School of the Air began in the Alice Springs area in (1892-1933) made the first solo flight from Britain to 1951 and Television began in Australia in 1956. Sydney Australia. The same year, 1928, the flying doctor Opera House, a symbol of modern Australia, opened service began. in 1973. In the late 1940s 'displaced people' left homeless after S O U T H P A C I F I C However in 1929 the depression hit Australia. The the war in Europe were welcome in Australia. economy slumped and unemployment rose sharply. By However, Asians were not. Those Asians who had fled 1932 unemployment in Australia was 29%. However PAGE 3 to Australia during the war were deported. Arthur after that year things got better and by the late 1930s Population | Time | Visas Calwell, Minister for Immigration said: 'Two Wongs do History unemployment had fallen to about 10%. not make a white'. However in the 1960s immigration PAGE 4-5 policy changed and many Asian immigrants came in History During the Second World War Australia once again the 1970s and 1980s. There were also many immigrants joined Britain in fighting Germany. In 1940 Anzacs from Southern and Eastern Europe. PAGE 6 were sent to North Africa where they played a vital Language role. However when Japan entered the war in There were many immigrants from Britain after 1945. December 1942 Australia herself was in danger. When PAGE 7 Nevertheless links with Britain weakened. In 1949 the The Land | Climate Singapore fell in February 1942 16,000 Australians were captured. Then in February 1942 the Japanese began air National Citizenship Act made Australians no longer PAGE 8 citizens of the UK and colonies but citizens of raids on Darwin. These continued until November People | Health & Vaccinations Australia. Finally in 1982 all appeals to the British 1943. On May 31 1942 3 Japanese midget submarines courts were ended. The High Court Of Australia was PAGE 9 entered Sydney Harbour. One of them managed to sink Currency | Credit Cards a store ship, HMAS Kuttabul with the loss of 21 lives. made the highest court of appeal. Safety & Crime | Tipping Etiquette Meanwhile in September 1942 Australians fought in New Guinea and pushed back the Japanese army. For Meanwhile in 1957 a trade treaty was made with Japan PAGE 10 the rest of World War II Australians fought under the and links with Asia became more important. Etiquette | Taxis Safety & theft command of Douglas Macarthur. Some 37,000 Australians died in the Second World War. Treatment of Indigenous Australians improved. From PAGE 11 1959 Indigenous Australians were allowed welfare Shopping | Customs benefits and after 1962 they were allowed to vote. In After 1945 the Australian economy boomed. In the 1971 Indigenous Australians were included in the PAGE 12-13 1950s and 1960s there was full employment and Food & Drinks | Religion affluence. Meanwhile The Australian National census for the first time. Insurance University was founded in 1946. From 1949 to 1974 a great civil engineering scheme was PAGE 14 Culture & The Arts built the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. The plan was to collect the water from melting snow in the Australian Alps and divert it through tunnels to drive hydroelectric power stations. The water would then flow into rivers for irrigation. Over 25 years 16 dams were built, 12 tunnels and 7 power stations. Workers from more than 30 nations toiled on the scheme. On November 11 1975 the governor-general dismissed the Australian government, which caused much controversy.
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