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After 1975 the period of growth and prosperity in Australia came to an end. For one thing inflation rose. Furthermore in the late 1970s unemployment began to rise. By 1983 it had reached 10%. It fell to about 6% by 1988 but then began to rise again. S O U T H P A C I F I C In 1977 following a referendum Advance Australia Fair became the national anthem. PAGE 3 A turning point in Australian history came in 1992 with the Mabo Population | Time | Visas History Judgement. Indigenous Australians claimed that the island of Mer belonged to them and not to the crown. A court finally overturned the PAGE 4-5 doctrine of terra nullius, the idea that Australia was empty when the History Europeans arrived. In 1993 the government passed the Native Title Bill to PAGE 6 clarify rights to ownership of land. However in 1993 came the Wik Language judgement, which said that even in the Queensland government leased land to pastoralists the Indigenous Australians still had some right to use PAGE 7 the land as long as they did not interfere with the pastoralists activities. In The Land | Climate 1998 the government was forced to amend the 1993 Native Title Act. As a PAGE 8 symbol of reconciliation between the different peoples of Australia over People | Health & Vaccinations 250,000 people walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge on 28 May 2000. PAGE 9 Currency | Credit Cards Today the population of Australia is 22 million. In 2006 it was estimated Safety & Crime | Tipping Etiquette that the indigenous population was about 500,000 - about the same as it was when Europeans first arrived in Australia at the end of the 18th PAGE 10 century. Etiquette | Taxis Safety & theft Unemployment was high in the 1990s but at the beginning of the 21st PAGE 11 century the situation improved. Unemployment in Australia stood at 5.2% Shopping | Customs in March 2012. Today Australia is a prosperous country. PAGE 12-13 Food & Drinks | Religion As a sign of changing times in 2008 Quentin Bryce became the first woman Insurance Governor-General of Australia. In 2010 Julia Gillard became the first PAGE 14 woman Prime Minister of Australia. Culture & The Arts Australia has became known for its liberal legislation: free compulsory education, protected trade unionism with industrial conciliation and arbitration, the secret ballot, women's suffrage, maternity allowances, and sickness and old-age pensions.
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