There is a certain luster that glows from every one of Thailand’s many facets that gives this Southeastern gem its distinct reputation as a golden land. Throughout the country, revel in a thick haze of ambiguities and incongruities, all perfectly blended into one intoxicating concoction of natural beauty, historic temples, renowned hospitality and robust cuisine. When the fog finally clears, discover Thailand’s ephemeral allure that pulls enchanted visitors into its warm embrace time and time again. Seemingly spontaneous festivals, chance introductions, whimsical moments and unforeseen pleasantries rise from this land of ancient culture and elusive wisdom without prelude, all glowing with a luminous elegance unique to this captivating country. Throughout Thailand explore opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and peak roofed temples housing revered images of the Buddha. Amidst these inspiring structures, Thailand’s history springs to life, as does your deeper understanding of long ingrained beliefs and practices. Your Thai adventure best begins in the infamous Bangkok, a modern behemoth of screaming traffic, gleaming shopping centers and international sensibilities interwoven with devout Buddhism. As you venture outside this urban microcosm, discover a world very different, where misty mountains crown the country, stupa-studded peaks tower proudly and tiny villages retain post stone-age cultures. Venture south and find the evergreen limestone islands and pearlescent sands in which dreams are painted and paradise is found.