So massive, so magnificent, so diverse and so utterly overwhelming, it could almost be considered a universe unto its own, Australia is far more than merely the sum of its sprawling icons. The Sydney Opera House and its stunning eggshell architecture; the mammoth Uluru and its layers baked in the Australian sun; the sparkling white stretches of sand and the sunworshipping bodies that adorn them; the curl of perfect waves above the turquoise blue and the captivating wonderland that thrives in The Great Barrier Reef below. These are but a handful of the dynamic settings that make Australia the Pandora’s Box of the Pacific world, and the many more that await prove increasingly astonishing. From the sublime isolation of the Outback, where glimmering salt pans, rugged canyons and sandstone towers set the stage for a remote experience unlike any other to the lush fairtytale forests of Queensland’s rugged Carnarvon National Park where sheer rock walls, deep pools and Aboriginal rock art wait around every green corner; the red, orange and yellow painted strips across the rock towers at Purnululu to the pink, purple and tangerine of the setting Australian sun as seen from atop a camel as you ride along the shimmering Cable Beach. The list of unparalleled highlights is endless, while your memories of Australia will last forever.